There are conditions or illnesses that can increase the risk of stroke. it


- hypertension, especially - the so-called unstable hypertension, when there are significant differences in blood pressure

- diabetes

- one of the violations of the heart rhythm, namely - atrial fibrillation

- Abdominal type of obesity (waist circumference more than 88 cm in women, and more than 102 in men)

- frequent stress and psycho-emotional overload

- Induction

- consumption of salt more than 5 grams per day (more than a teaspoon)

- consumption of alcohol more than 30-50 grams of strong alcohol per day, 150-200 grams of wine or 500 g of beer

- tobacco smoke, including passive smoking


If you can apply any of these items - you know - you should pay close attention to your condition. You need to have all the information about the symptoms of a stroke, monitor your weight and control your blood pressure. If you have a combination of several items from this list - you are in a serious risk zone, and all preventive measures are strictly required for you.